Pier Luigi Andreoni - Silvio Linardi - Empty Heads

Empty Heads / Andreolina - DVD + LP Andreolina - An Island In The Moon

Pier Luigi Andreoni (Keyboards, Samplers and Electronics)

Silvio Linardi (Keyboards, Yamaha CX5MIII)


1. An Island in the Moon

2. Market of the Lost Illusions

3. Madjound

4. The Watchmaker

5. Vision of the Daughter of Albion

6. The Voice of an Ancient Bard

7. Music in a Small Room



Riccardo Sinigaglia - Piano on "An Island in the Moon", Sampler on "The Watchmaker"

Pierre Zeidler - Alto Clarinet on "Madjound"

Cover from "Wow and Flutter" a video by Domenico Maida.

Published by ADN - Recommended Records Italia